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Carmine Beauty Box: November 2011

Hurray! The little black box arrived on my doorstep on last week all wrapped up in a orange box, you can immediately recognise it from any other package! Excited wasn't the word for it!

So I'm going to do a full review on the box, I have received the October box but I wanted to see if Carmine could maintain the high standard in that box as in the Novembers.

In the same high quality box as the previous months came in (I like consistency) it has the lush logo, easily recognised. 

Open it up...

And it arrives in a form of tissue paper and the Carmine introduction card all wrapped neatly with a red ribbon (kind of christmassy)!

So this months products are...

                                                 1.           2.        3.          4.        5.

Product One: Neom Organics Body Wash or Lotion
The bath and body equivalent to fine chocolates and champagne, this organic product from an award winning brand is packed with the fragrances of lavender, jasmine, basil and more! Just what your body needs to feel cleansed and refreshed - to perfection
(Major apologies if images are rotated, can't work out how to change them as they auto change when I upload them! :( boo...) But besides that! This product is actually the only product I haven't tried and tested yet, but if you excuse me the cream is a very thick rich luxurious texture and I cannot wait to try it! And a 240ml is priced at about £24.00 so hopefully it will be worth the money and once I really know how it works I will let you know. I smells of lavender and although I'm not a huge fan of lavender I really really like the smell of it, its a really unique fresh smell.

Product Two: Dainty Doll Eye-liner Pencil

From the make-up line of fashion icon and solo artist Nicola Roberts, this eye-liner pencil contains skin-loving vitamins and is just oozing with colour. Perfect for creating a variety of looks - from soft definition to fold, smokey eyes

I'm actually not that impressed with this product. I am naturally a huge fan of eye-liner, however it needs to be really pigmented and the led needs to be soft, which unfortunately I don't find this is. I find it difficult to even get the colour to show on my hand. I received the colour green, which I don't really use that colour so I've given it to my mum and she's finding it difficult to use too. I love the packaging however. But overall it's not my favourite product.

Product Three: New CID i-Pout Lipstick

No, it's not an apple product - but a revolutionary and incredibly wearable lipstick, equipped with a built-in mirror and light for perfect application in absolutely any circumstance 
Cute little packaging!
I LOVE this product and I am not normally one for lipsticks but considering this colour looks so incredibly bright it is completely wearable and such a lovely colour to brighten up these cold winter days!

What also caught me about this product is the light and mirror and although I have seen this on a lip-gloss before I haven't ever brought one. But it is a great idea for nights out with the girls or going to concerts!

The product is pigmented excellent with maybe more blue in it but it is lush! It stays on all day too, which I find is every difficult to find in a lipstick. It doesn't stick to the glass when you drink and just dries like a balm to your lips, I am so impressed.

The colour of the lipstick. 
Although the colour seem like a bright red, it actually comes out a natural not overpowering reddish pink. Super cute for a night out or a day of shopping!

So excellent product New CID I will definitely be ordering some more from you!

Product Four: Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink

Not to be confused with a felt tip pen, this soft, semi permanent ink will add the perfect definition to your brows by allowing you to draw in individual hairs. The best part is it doubles as a fabulous eye-liner!

I haven't ever really used one of these before so I was excited to try it. And I can say I was very impressed. I do have quite gappy eyebrows (not really bad so I can live with them) but it happens because I get them waxed, so to be able fill them in and even make the brow a little bit darker, as it is in fashion at the moment, I'm really pleased with it. I think Carmine are fab to send out the email asking what colour you would need, I think that's a lush was to taylor the box and customer service! However Im not so sure about using it as eyeliner! :)

Product Five: Lulu's Time Bomb
Its true - you can go back in time. At least, your skin can. This extremely powerful anti-ageing time machine does all the work to prevent ageing while you get a good nights rest.
(and now my images are upside down!) Anyway Ive given this to my mum to trial as I'm only 17 and I'm not sure this will take too much effect to me! I Don't actually have results back from it yet but as soon as I do you will know!

Overall FAB box yet again by Carmine and I will definitely be looking forward to Decembers. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading! :)

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