Thursday, 24 November 2011

(Mini) How To: Head Kandy Hair Extensions

I've been trialing Headkandy's hair extensions since April this year, I think they are a great buy. The quality and quantity of hair you get is amazing. You get an incredible 10 wefts of hair, perfectly designed to clip onto different areas of your head. I believe there is something like 24 clips in all, so I don't think you could possibly get many more clips on your head! They begin at £69.99 for the 12-14inch length all the way to £99.99 for the 24-26 inch length (all excluding post and packaging). What I have found with these extensions in comparison to others is the excellent range of colours for highlighted hair there is, I believe there are 20 different colours available! I challenge you to find a hair colour that isn't there! (Discarding brightly neon coloured hair!) :)

I thought I would do a mini 'how to' on putting the extensions in, and before and after shots! I use the 20-22inch extensions in paparazzi highlights. I have recently brought a new set of extensions from the company as I completely wrecked my old one - entirely my fault :( But I deem to look after this set!


They arrive from Mr Postman the day after you order them (Yes! You did read correctly, next day delivery!) Looking all neat in this box,

So once you open it, you find the instructions, and your 10 wefts of hair! :) Looking like this...

10 very healthy smooth looking hair, you just can't help yourself but run your fingers through it, I guarantee 90% of the owners of these hair extensions did just that!

Along with the instructions, each weft of hair is labelled with a number (1-8, then two one clip wefts of hair unlabelled). Weft 1 to 4 all are place on the below and on the crown of your head, then wefts 5 to 8 are on the sides of your head giving the illusion longer hair! :)

So before I put the hair extensions in I took a photo just to show you the difference...

The before photo:

My hair, as you can see, is only shoulder length, whatever I do I can't get my hair to grow! So extensions were the next best thing!

Because this is only a mini 'how to' I decided just to show how to put the side extensions in, so first you begin to section your hair just above your ear, like so.

And then place one of the two clip wefts neatly in the parting. Let down the hair you've clipped up, and hopefully it'll look something like this!

As you can see, you can probably see the difference between the hair, but once you have the second weft in it disappears. You then repeat the same process to put in the second weft just a bit above where you put the first weft.

Immediately you can see that you cant tell where the real and extension are! Once you've done all this process to both sides and the back it should look complete!

The after photo:

Hopefully this review/mini how to convinced you to buy them because they are well worth every penny!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Look nice hun i have foxy locks

  2. they look lovely:)xx

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  3. They look really thick and healthy! I've heard they shed, did you have that problem? xx

  4. The first set of the extensions I had did loose quite alot of hair but that was my own fault, I got them in a style I wanted and then never brushed them so when I did I lost loads of hair :( but these ones are keeping really well :)