Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Review: Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan

Who sent this little beauty from the place above?! And who of all recommended it to me? No-one other than the mother! Between mum and me we must have tried out every single fake tan there is on the shelves, but this one really did catch our eye!

Now that it's November, as the days are getting shorter and the mornings are dark you suspect that your skins going to lose that tan you've been working on all summer, and to be completely truthful its heart breaking! But with this little gem you can either maintain that tan or build up a beautiful NATURAL looking tan (Not orange).

With me, I am easy the most paliest person your'll ever meet, scrap that actually. I have the most paliest with the most reddish tone to my skin, so if I was to apply normal fake tan my tan actually comes out an odd colour. Whereas I found with Garnier their product allowed my skin to show off a kind of sunkissed glow! Thank the Lord! It also had none of that 'buscuity' kind of after smell on it, which was a Godsend because that smell is vile. Instead it was replaced with an apricot smell, that is devine!

So basically it is a simple lotion that is easy appliable with a tan applier (Superdrug) and gradually builds up over a 12-hour period. (Also it is fantastic for leaving on over night, without the streaks and smudges you get with other brands). It also includes a moisturiser that leaves your skins feeling super smooth. The packaging, as you can see above is a simple gold-yellow bottle which is easy squeezable and I believe the standard size is 250ml! I think it is avaliable in Boots and Superdrug for around £5 which I think is an absolute bargin! So thank you Garnier, and thumbs up for such a lush product!!


  1. There must be some super technique everyone else uses for putting these things on, I tried this a while back to see if it could make my pale skin look healthier. When it developed I looked like a orange and white humbug. I'm giving up trying and hoping that the current trend for super pale skin lasts.

  2. You know what I was using once when my hand mitten crumbled up, an old sock haha. I heard they're really good for that kind of thing :) I wish it would last too!