Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I am not impressed!

Soo... the other night I thought I would have a quick browse of my YouTube account and see all the new Vloggers videos, only to find my account had been cancelled! In my panic I tried my Blogger account to yet find that had been deleted too! HOW OUTRAGEOUS! I was in bits. I had worked so hard on it to launch it and just when it was getting going it had been somehow deleted. I emailed both YouTube and Blogger but there was just no reason behind the cancellations apart from apparently I had cancelled them, which is so untrue. There is nothing I can do so my previous account 'Clare Louise Blog' has changed to 'Rhythm De Beaut' (French for Rhythm of Beauty, or if your a proper French speaking person Rhythm of Beauty). I couldn't tell you if it was a hacker or not, but I have recently changed all e-mail addresses (I am now available on rhythmdebeaut@hotmail.co.uk) my passwords have also changed. But let it be a warning to all of you!

However! I'm okay, I like a challenge and I will not let it beat me, so therefore this will be my main channel from now on! :) I really would love it if all my old subscribers, followers etc. would follow this. It would make me so happy :)

Follow me on Twitter? @rhythmdebeaut

Much Love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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