Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Carmine Beauty Box: October 2011

So I'm a bit late with this one. I first heard about it on Twitter, which every other person was raving over. Most people have heard of GlossyBox etc. but I found Carmine was a brand new released box, that I could follow from the very beginning. If you haven't heard about Carmine Beauty Box's or GlossyBox, they are basically a company who you subscribe to and for a small fee (£10.00 + £2.75 post and packaging) they send you a box once a month with five different products inside. Plus you easily make back the £12.75 you spend with the products inside!

I don't really plan on doing a review of the first box, as I have seen THOUSANDS of them and they all say the same thing, how good the packaging is and the products inside, in which I completely agree. However, I find that this is the first box they've released and the standard may drop, (I really really really hope not!) So I plan to do a review of the second box they release.

I do have to say what really got me about this product, isn't the products or how neat and stylish the the packaging is, it's actually how incredibly good the customer service is! You can always guarantee a reply on Twitter, so you can talk to them directly. I think so far the products, box and customer service is 10 out of 10! However I hope they can maintain this for Novembers box. Hurrrrry, I don't think I can wait much longer! :)

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Disclaimer: I am not involved with Carmine or their affiliates, this is all 100% my own opinion. I brought the box with my own money and was not given it by the company.

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Totally agree, when I tweeted about their box they instantly pointed me at reviews and answered anything I asked them. The box was lovely, more suited to a younger face than mine I think (and my daughter agrees and stole most of the makeup), but it was worth it for me just with the Trind nail repair, that stuff is working wonders on my chewed stumps.

  2. I totally agree. I held out on ordering from Glossybox for a few months in case the standard dropped and it really did so I ended up subbing for a month or two then canceling my membership! I think these things live on hype but I'm interested in seeing how this one and the 'feelunique' box fare.


  3. Lovely review :) great blog hope u. Can follow back :)

  4. i did the same @BunBun, i felt glossy box were sending me too many age products. i had a few boxes then cancelled! i messaged them on twitter aswell becoz every1 was tweeting that they had their box and i felt like i was only one who didnt so i sent them msg asking them about mine. and i just got a really blunt msg back! unlike carmine who really care about their subscribers! Carmine & feel unique boxes are both amazing i have had 2 feel unique boxes now and both great!