Are you currently in a serious relationship?
I am, with Jake. I've been with him for just under a year and a half
What was your dream growing up?
Just to be rich and have an Austin Martin, pfft like thats going to happen!
What talent do you wish you had?
The will power to get out of bed earlier than half 7
If I bought you a drink what would it be?
I like any thing, in the winter hot chocolates by the fire or in the summer, something fruity
Favorite vegetable?
I like anything that is put in front of me ha!
What was the last book you read?
The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks,I think he is a fantastic author, although his novels are all very similar.
What zodiac sign are you?
Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
Only ear pierced once
Worst Habit?
Nail biting, even with false ones on, I'm like a machine
What is your favorite sport?
Hockey was always a strong sport at school, my nickname was 'the Butcher' oopsy.

Highstreet or designer?
I like a bargain but I have a weakness for designer
How do you dress?
Perfectic fallacy, my mood changes with the weather, so my clothes tend to reflect how the weather is on that particular day
Whats your favourite colour to wear?
Anything that's lush
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Oof, I cant remember, a lot less than I used to own. My mums wardrobe is full of them though so I am always stealing hers

How long have you been blogging?
About a year, I did have an old account, ClareLouiseBlog, but it got hacked and removed, as well as my Twitter account and my YouTube account, I was GUTTED! It really set me back, but I like a challenge! So I've just begun again.
Blogger or Vlogger?
I'm a Blogger at the moment, I used to be both, and hopefully I will be filming some more videos in the near future for this account.
Who inspired you to blog?
I once watched a hair vlog, although I can't really remember who it was, but it got me thinking, and then two years later here I am
What did your parents/friends say?
Mum is very supportive, as are my friends. Jake thinks I am mad, but there's no change there
How often do you blog?
I am full time at college and work so I try blog as much as I can, although I struggle to find the time