Friday, 26 July 2013

Abs Like Slabs

All I am going to do is literally rave about this weight loss programme. I have never been overweight, I have always been a size 12, 5 foot 6inch and pretty happy with my weight. Although, I have always wanted to tone up, get rid of the giggly glutes, bingo wings and actually have abs, but I always found it hard. Until, someone was raving about 'Results with Lucy' on Twitter one day and I happened to click on her page and see the most amazing transformation from a size 14 to a 10 in a couple of months! I immediately signed up.

Cecilia Image 2
Results with Lucy is a website set up by The Only Way is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh, who we all know was voted 2013 bikini body of the year. Her and her personal trainer, Cecilia show you different ways of targeting bingo wings or love handles and how to tone your abs. It is a fun exercise that helps you lose weight and tone up whilst improving your health also. With the exercises only being 5 or 10 minutes long they are easy to fit in your hectic day so you have no excuse. You don't need fancy expensive equipment, as the majority is yourself only.

I love this workout, and have seen my own results already. In the three weeks I have been signed up I have already noticed the difference in my abs as that is where I have targeting. Take a look...

June                    vs                    July
And what does this cost? £12.00 whole shiny pounds a month... that is £3.00 a week and combined with some motivation, you will see results soon too! I can't recommend the website enough!

Let me know how you get on!


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