Thursday, 8 December 2011

Amsterdam Bound!

Okay so it's the 8th of December and I haven't wrote a blog post for ages! Sorrrrrry, I've been super busy with work, Christmas and finally Amsterdam! So I thought I would write a little post on my time in the 'Dam!

So, we booked with P&O Ferries for a mini cruise. Jake and I went from Hull King George docks to Rotterdam, on the Pride of Rotterdam (boat name).

This was the only photo I managed to get of going over the Humber Bridge, just look at the weather we was going in to, in comparison to the weather on the mirror of Jake's car behind us! Ha! Good of British weather. This was on Monday afternoon on the way to Hull port...

A photo of the Pride of Rotterdam.

And I just have to say how extremely helpful the Dutch staff are on there!

So inside the ship was everything, they catered for absolutely everyone of all ages. There was a show lounge for the younger generation with a show on every night by a good band that sung songs ranging from the 70's to the 00's! There was also a bar in there and an attached casino (Jake was very happy about that!). There was children play areas, with ball pits etc. and for the older generation there was the Sky Lounge that had a piano player and was all very relaxed. And if that wasn't enough there was an inboard cinema with both Dutch and English films. It was all very nicely laid out and pretty.

So we boarded the boat at Hull at 5pm (London time) and arrived at Rotterdam at appox. 9am the following morning (Holland time). However Jake and I woke up earlier to see the arrival.

Amsterdam looking all lit up and pretty at about 8am!

It was then about an hour and a half bus journey to the city. We actually didn't get that many photo's of Amsterdam because it rained and hailed quite a lot!

Just some photos of the city centre. Actually not that busy! But almost everywhere we nearly got ran over by a bike. And I love how the Dutch are extremely good at speaking English!

As soon as we got there we headed to Madam Tussuad's, which was meant to be 48 euro for us both to get in to, but we went to a tourist place who offered it to us for 32 euro in total with V.I.P access! Yay!
We got plenty of photos there :)

Jake with two important Chinese people! And the second photo is me and Spiderman! Woo! The Madam Tussuad's isn't quite as big as the one in London but it is still very good!

Because it rained and we didn't quite know where we were going we didn't actually enjoy Amsterdam that much, we enjoyed the boat more! And we only managed to buy Jake one purple polo and me some AMAZING red suede heels (more to come on those though).

But overall the trip was good! Food on the boat wasn't as cheap as could be but it was good. It was about 32 euro for breakfast and 39 euro for dinner :).

The trip only cost us £79.00 for both of us because if you booked before the end of December it's 2 for 1. But it's a fab experience and I will definitely be going again, just maybe in the summer time!

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