Friday, 9 December 2011

Spinning Classes!

This review is a little different to my normal beauty related blogs, however I think it kind of has some reference? Spinning classes are basically an intense exercise cycling session. It's roughly an hour long, most of the time one session per week and the general idea of it is theres about several people all lined in a semi circle and you all basically just peddle with the instructor in front of you.

Now let me be clear, spinning to benefit your health or to get a toned bikini body for the summer, is A-MAZ-ING. It focus' on your legs, and benefits all parts. With an experienced instructor they even manage to fit in helping your abs too! I have been going spinning with my brothers girlfriend for almost 10 weeks now, and although I lost about half a stone before I started, since I have gone to lose a further stone! I'm so close to my target weight now that I couldn't be happier (of course you need a proper diet with it).

My instructor says that after 15 weeks of Spinning you will have more or less THREE times the stamina you had before! I think that's incredible!

Although it is a very difficult thing to stick to, if you find the right partner and start from the beginning (you do need to build up to manage to peddle longer and faster) I believe it actually becomes quite fun. And it's definitely rewarding when you see that you've burnt 600 calories off in the end!

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