Thursday, 15 December 2011

GHD Hair Straightners...

GUUUUUTTED was an understatement of two morning's ago when I went to turn on my straighteners to sort my mop of a head of hair out, just to find that one plate isn't heating up anymore! Normally GHD is a well respected, high quality brand, so I was upset to find they weren't working, and only a week earlier my mums had broken too and weren't heating up at all. We haven't even had them a year... I was not impressed.

I'm also quite disappointed over how the white is rubbing off the product. Unfortunately there is alot of fake GHD's flying around the market at the moment, however the ones my mum and I own are 100% genuine. They retail at about 99£ for the original standard black set, however the Pure Edition (shown above) cost us £129 per set, so I'm not impressed.

I tweeted about them, and kindly GHD tweeted back to fill in a repairs form and send them off, which I won't do over the Christmas period but perhaps after when delivery and corries have slowed down a bit. However I'm not entirely sure if the warranty exists for the two sets we own as we didn't buy directly from GHD. So gutted, and I can't be forking out £129.00 for another set before Christmas time so I'll have to make do without. LUCKILY my brother ALSO owns a set of Pure Edition straighteners (his are still working fine) so I guess I'll be using them for the next few weeks. :)

Thanks for reading, and you can make your own mind up about the quality of GHD. Let me know if you've ever experienced any problems with them etc.

:) xxxx


  1. I have had my GHD's for years and years and they are still as good as new despite me using them alot! always shocked to hear that people have trouble with them!

    Hope you get them sorted!


  2. i've read many good review about this straightener and i think its really expensive...