Thursday, 21 June 2012

War of the Beauty Boxes!

Within the last year you may have noticed a whole host of beauty boxes have launched.

A beauty box is basically a month subscription fee in return for a number of products you can try. They range from anything beauty related, tweezers to nail varnish and everything in between too. They are a great way for people who are maybe a bit hesitant at trying and spending the money on new products to explore the range that really is out there. You certainly always make your money back on the products that are inside the cute boxes.

Glossy Box
By: Glossy Box
Price: £10 + £2.95 p+p

I really did not get on with this box, I found there were too many age products and only being 18, I hope they weren't trying to tell me something! As time went on I was less and less fascinated by this box and found it more of a chore to open. I didn't look forward to seeing what was in the box each month. I also found there customer service horrendous, e-mailing and no reply, but then again that's probably what to expect with a bigger company of beauty boxes. On the other hand, there were a huge range of products to explore and you always got a different brand. Another up side was that they do a men's version! Which I am pleased about and it is differnet, I've actually gotten Jake a box and he was fairly impressed himself, as far as blokes go.

The packaging is cute, however predictable, a pink box, with black paper inside and a matching pink ribbon. 

By: Amarya
Price: £10.00

First impressions were great, great products, good sizes and high quaility. I couldnt wait for the next box, well it was until I found out the products aren't tailored to your skin colour, which I found the other boxes would e-mail around or you selected on your page on the website, what size colour you were, hair colour, skin type or eye brow colour, which really personalised the boxes. I was let down by this when I recieved a very dark shade of foundation, it certainly didnt go down well with a milk bottle like me!

By: Carmine
Price: £10.00 + £2.75 p+p
Ha, those of you who follow me regularly will know how much I really loved this box. A beautiful sleek black box with a green interior, it was super different. You would get five products, normally full size and you would certainly get your money back on the products inside. You were always e-mailed before hand to ensure the shade was correct for you, and having so many subscribers to the box, I believe that was a really good service and commitment. Well that was until they 'joined forces' (got brought out) with Glossy Box. Really disappointed.

So the verdict, I am a hard person to please. Although I've heard very good things about 'SheSaidBeauty' box, apparently the same as the other beauty boxes, however the price is just £9.00 including p+p, but the longer your subscription, the cheaper it gets! Another way to get me hooked is a bargin :) I believe I might just subscribe to this beauty box and I'll keep you on the down lo' of how things get on. Hopefully I will be blown away! 

Much love xoxoxoxox

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