Wednesday, 20 June 2012

2 in 1: Gellish and Magnetic Nails!

So I am sat here at my desk at work writing a blog post, hopeing my boss doesn't catch me! But I just had to share my experience with Gelish nails!

Very very similar to Shellac, but claims it lasts up to 3 weeks, instead of Shellac which only claims 14 days.

Basically, the nail tech puts like sticky label around each finger, and then coats on a mixture of a lotion and a powder to form a kind of gel which goes over the nail and the sticky label, to create longer, stronger and more lush looking nails. The nail tech then continued to paint the new magnetic coloured nail varnish over!

This was simply a special nail varnish, that the tech then uses a special magnet to create the effect below. I loved this to begin with, but now I've had them done for a few weeks, I'm not really a fan. I feel the same as I did with the Barry-M cracked nail effects, however you do it, it always looks the same.

Not to mention, I walked into a discount cosmetics store and they had on the counter a cheap version of the nail varnish but did the exact same effect!

Let me know of all your experiences, wether professional or self done.

Many thanks xoxo

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