Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Carmines Sold Out!

Well. You all have permission to tell me off.

I was a VERY commited buyer of the Carmine, from the very first box I was blown away, great products, great service and a fantastic design. It was a million times better than other boxes I had tried, it felt almost like a relief.

I did many'o reviews of the products that came in the boxes, I was a highly impressed customer! However, I do admit, I unsubscribed for a few months, as I did let my blogging slack, as most of my life once I went into full time work, so I was off the radar.

Yesterday, I went to sign back up, I went onto the website, no website, I went on to the Twitter, no posts for 80 days! Confused... I hit the Internet, to be told SOLD OUT, more like selling out!

This must have happened around the 21st of March, unbelievable. I have tried GlossyBox and I can tell you I am not the most pleased customer.

I am very disappointed with Carmine too for selling out, maybe if it wasn't bad finance, it was inconsiderate. I feel now Carmine was more about making money, (which as a person, I understand this is a mega thing in business) but I always believed they were a great company, and ALOT of people liked them.

So I am a very sad girl this afternoon. :(

Bye bye little black box.



  1. I missed Carmine too, the buyer went over to She Said Beauty which has rapidly become my favourite box.

  2. I have to admit, I've not heard much about them, but just had a browse at previous months products they've had in their boxes, and so far I'm impressed. I dont want to jynx it though, so I say no more :)