Sunday, 24 March 2013

Gelish or Not to Gelish!

It has yet gain been forages since I have been on here but... I have found the time! This will only be a short post about Gelish nails - which I want to express do not do myself, a trained nail technician does them.

There are good and bad points about Gelish, but then again just about anything has good and bad points. They do last, far far longer than Shellac, there is a wider range in colours and they look great! The only issue I find with Gelish is if you have your hands in water quite a lot or if you a cuprite for nail biting then you will need to be having then done an awful lot more as they do chip away once the top protective covers been worn off.

I must admit I do prefer Gelish over Shellac by far! Shellac's fabulous tag name 'Nails that last 14 days' just didn't happen if you were busy with your hands and they just weren't useable with day to day life. So Gelish all the way!

Please note that I have acrylics on my nails underneath the Gelish.

Many thanks for reading this very short post guys and hopefully there will be some more from me soon!
Ciao xxx

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